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Sitka is like a throwback to simpler times with a community minded bunch of folks that are from every walk of life ,they are welcoming & happy to share this little piece of paradise.

      Couple that with rich natural resources and  of wild  lands and waters for foraging and it's not a bad place to be.


Lots of wood to toss into Lunas woodstove, fish to catch, kelp to eat, and fresh water to drink (maybe more than you'd want since it rains a lot here in the temperate RAINforest.  It is definitely a different mindset .


The former owners got about 60% of their food off the beach and out of the sea. Luna has only a 2 hp Honda and a chinese sculling oar for non-wind power. There is no generator save solar and wind ones. Way low refined carbon using. Way cheap living. Simple systems: hand pump water from jerry jugs below the sink, a simple porta-potti toilet, a wood stove-oven, no anchor windlass. The chinese lugsail rig is easy to maintain but goes to windward , and easy to sail too. The flat bottom has  a copper plate on it and grounds right out on sandbars and such high and dry getting into private waters the conventional boats can't get into without a skiff.


Best of all it takes not a lot of bucks to live this way and that means lots of free time and lots of savings you can direct to  food storage,  lots of ammo, and maybe a few cases of whiskey for bartering. It means taking time out to reassess what's really important in life and getting off the 9-5 turnstile and out of debt for a lot of crap you don't need.


 All in all Sitka is a gem of a place to live & Luna is as unique as Sitka.

 Simplicity reigns & community is what it is all about.  Just google Sitka & see for your self.


So, it's a package deal. If this doesn't sell we'll stay and continue because we like it and it makes logical sense to be here. It makes no sense for us to piece off our goods. But this is also cool because it's a made to order lifestyle pak for someone to buy..... just take the ferry up or fly and that's it.


Dockage out on the transient dock is $67 a month (you have to get on the waiting list for a permanent slip, about 200 bucks up front, to get the cheap rate on transient dock). Then you get a "hot berth" (someone elses slip who's out of town) and power's about $40 a month. We've found all bills run about $200 a month and this includes water, shower access, and garbage pickup at the dock head.


Or..... you can just live on the hook or....... travel about & explore the S.E..


For a real glimpse into what life is like on Luna, out in the wilds, I recommend the fine Zeiger family website, sub-page on Luna, written by the former owners brother, who has a homestead up on the Lynn canal near Haines (southeast Alaska too). Lots of good interior pix too. Go here for that stuff: