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Luna is a sharpie. What's a sharpie? It's a style of sailboat that is uniquely american, having working boat roots on the U.S. east coast in the 1800s.... flat bottomed, easy to build, inexpensive, able to float over oyster beds and work them. Contemporary naval architect Phillip Bolger refined the concept in his "advanced sharpie" concept boats. They're a clear leap in sharpie evolution


Luna is one of a kind. I designed and built a chinese lugsail rig on our Florida boat and the sail rig is a pure pleasure to sail. This boat has two chinese lugsails. I've done some mods of my own..... building on a small pilothouse and putting on a outboard because at 55 I just don't have the desire to scull a 9000 pound boat with a chinese sculling oar for hours and would rather pull that starter rope. Plus sometimes this coast is way too hairy for engineless sailing and a chinese lugsail rig to windward is just too iffy: Come spend a day with us and scull Luna and I'll feed you beers as long as you want at least for the morning. Better to leave that to a adventurous young couple so come buy our boat, adventurous young couple.... Luna needs your wild young blood.

. Sail out into the wilds of southeast Alaska and don't worry about it. Catch salmon and rockfish, eat kelp, sail into tiny cove communities and play music with the locals deep into the dark winter nights or until the sun sets at 11 in summer.

 Cowabunga and keep the faith

. Best wishes from latitude 57